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Daddy Doge promises to go to space: 57% up in one week

Image via Daddy Doge

There are already so many Doge-like tokens, but now there is a new one. Daddy Doge is here and promises to go to space.

Today, there are thirty Doge-like tokens to be found. The latest is Daddy Doge and this one is going to space. Be the first token! That’s why the coin jumps 57% this week.

Daddy Doge goes to space

We have already seen a lot of hype around many tokens. Think Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Baby Doge. But now there is also the Daddy Doge and this coin is well underway. The coin sparked interest after Elon Musk said the words “daddy doge” in a video showing the Tesla CEO being escorted to a car. He does it again: bringing a coin to the attention of the general public.

In addition, the developers of the Daddy Doge project claim that the coin will be the first of the Doge family of cryptocurrencies to be sent to space. We don’t know what added value that has. But at least it’s interesting for a lot of people. During the last seven trading days, Daddy Doge has accumulated 57.6% in profit. Currently, the currency is somewhat in the minus.


The coin’s statistics for the last seven days show that it has reached double digits. Daddy Doge is another Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token and the contract address shows that there are approximately 1 quadrillion coins. The number of unique addresses owned by Daddy Doge today has grown exponentially.

Of course the coin has a website and we took a look at that. The mint has a website that explains that the Daddy Doge project is “the head of the family.” Similar to Baby Doge, the so-called householder is also a deflationary crypto asset. There is a white paper describing how the project “charges 9% tax on every purchase and sale”.

“This tax benefits the project as a whole by putting 3% into the liquidity pool for a stable price floor,” the paper says. -/dev wallet to ensure that the project can succeed in the long run.”

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