Czech wrestler Jiří Procházka -apkrig headed to the UFC 4 game

Developers from EA Vancouver have prepared another patch for UFC 4, which, as in previous months, brings new wrestlers in addition to bug fixes and game improvements. Today’s update is, however, special for fans from the Czech Republic, who will be able to enter the octagon with home wrestler Jiří “Denisa” Procházka, who is becoming part of the official roster. The walk is included in the category of semi-heavy weights and in addition to the appropriate appearance, including a hairstyle and a massive beard, it also offers a very solid rating of 4/5.

Divided by the individual attributes, the Walk has 3.5 points for grips and 4.5 points for strokes and overall endurance. It is definitely not on the edge of the spectrum and its use in combat will have its justification with regard to the result. It is also worth noting that Procházka is the only Czech representative in UFC 4 and the fans tried to add him to the game at least through an editor, from which they shared individual settings. But in the end, the developers heard the call and prepared the Czech fighter themselves, which is always the best way.

Apart from the excellent but local news, the most brilliant addition to UFC 4 through the current update is wrestler Connor McGregor in the form of UFC 178, specifically as he entered the battle with Dustin Poirier. Therefore, the developers want to use the next encounter of these fighters as a celebration of McGregor’s success and offer this special variant with a rating of 4.5. You will also be able to test changes in gameplay on it, which mainly concern stamina and submissions, as well as a new kick or, for example, a more comfortable setting of online matches.

The January 7.0 update is now available and also offers two fighter models that you can remember from the Fight Night series. They are Andre Bishop and Isaac Frost, expanding the heavyweight register. The Brazilian professional fighter Jessica Andrade is also a newcomer or a newcomer.

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