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Cydia, what is it? How it works ? Explications

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It was in 2008, just a few months after the release of the first iOS devices, that the Jailbreak appeared. Also known as unbridling, this practice removes the restrictions imposed by Apple on its devices running iOS and thus, to have full power over all the hardware and software features they offer. To enjoy it, however, you must have a mysterious application, named Cydia! What is this application? How does it work? Here is a quick tour on what there is to know.

Cydia: the alter ego of the Apple App Store for unrestrained iOS devices

Created and managed by Saurik Corporation ( Jay Ryan Freeman ), Cydia is an unofficial application that aims to be an alternative to the Apple App Store. The latter lists as packets called “ tweaks “, all applications not certified by Apple, and even more. It allows among others to exploit all the possibilities brought by the uncomplaining of the devices under iOS. Users then have the option:

  • to download and use unpublished iOS apps not available on the official App Store;
  • to add system features to your unbridled device running on iOS.

Cydia allows you to customize to infinity your new unbridled device, beyond what is normally possible to do on a normal iOS device.

What is the operating principle of Cydia?

The Cupertino company is renowned for the safety and protection it offers to its devices. Indeed, for an application to be used under an iOS device, it must be tested and approved by Apple, which makes it available on its App Store. However, when the application is rejected by Apple, its author has the opportunity to make it available on sources free of rights, available online. These sources are then linked to the application Cydia, which gives through its user-friendly interface and easy to use, access to all available tweaks. As on the official App Store, these can be free or paid. The tweaks are then ready to be downloaded and installed on the unbridled device running iOS, for the pleasure of its users.

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Cydia is available neither on the Apple App Store, nor on the official website of its creator or a third party site. As mentioned above, the only way to get the app is to unclamp its iOS device. This operation is carried out by the user himself, thanks to dedicated applications.

Once the device is unbridled, the Cydia application appears on the springboard among the applications available on the device. Once in the user interface, you will have access to all the tweaks available on different sources related to the application and you can install them by simply following the instructions given. Note that some tweaks have dependencies and so need other tweaks systems to work. All the necessary is however available within the application Cydia.

There is, a priori, no risk for the practice of Jailbreak on an iOS device and it is still possible to use the native apps, including the official App Store, on unrestrained iOS devices. Cydia is available on all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads released until the end of 2017, even running on iOS 12. For the three new iPhone models released in 2018, it will be necessary to wait until the developers find faulty flaws in the A12 Bionic chip, in order to make these devices accessible to unbridling and so, to Cydia.

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