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Cyberpunk Lawsuit, New Horror by Silent Hill, Fallout in Oregon and Keyboard for Game Boy -apkrig

Surprise! Although we said that we plan to relax a bit between the holidays and limit ourselves to textual content on the web, in the end we couldn’t stand it and decided to surprise you with one special news summary. This certainly does not mean that the next “special” will come on Wednesday and then another on Friday, but on the other hand, it is still true that in addition to the articles, another Christmas video from us may appear. Don’t forget, if you follow us only on YouTube, that new articles are published every day on the website even at this time.

List of topics

00:45 – Ghost of Tsushima players helped restore the local landmark. The real island of Cushima was hit by a typhoon in September, damaging the torii gate. Fans came together to fix it

04:42 – The first lawsuit on the CD Projekt due to Cyberpunk comes from the USA. It was handed over by investor Andrew Trampe. Developers blame manipulation and the crime of fraud. Another is coming. The authors want to defend themselves

10:14 – Author Silent Hill and Siren are working on a new horror movie. Keiičiro Tojama may not have a hand in the new Silent Hill, but he will still please his fans

17:31 – Ubisoft indicates the release of a remake of Sands of Time on Switch. Previous speculation crowns the entry in the official store. Next-gen versions are also mentioned

20:52 – New mod for Fallout: New Vegas adds vehicles. Fallout: The Frontier will take us to freezing Oregon in January. Offers dynamic weather

26:46 – The authors of Warfram or Gears Tactics are bought by Tencent. The acquisition of Leyou Technologies has been completed. The Chinese paid $ 1.5 billion

30:31 – MMO Age of Water is reminiscent of the movie Water World. The exact opposite of Mad Max. Earth has become one big ocean and you will become “Kevin Costner”

35:39 – Another company is preparing unofficial sidewalls for the PS5. The new manufacturer is not afraid of lawsuits from Sony

39:02 – Erotic horror Lust from Beyond will be released in February. The previous game is currently selling for only 1.5 euros. They both imitate Lovecraft and Giger

42:41 – Game Boy could have a keyboard and the features of a small PDA. The game historian tracked down the facility after 28 years. The software gained thanks to a data leak from Nintendo

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