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Cyberpunk 2077 – Apkrig

It’s a bit sad that the game was originally supposed to come out before the next postponement, this time on December 10th. The CD Project RED, as a small patch, therefore provided us with further insight into what awaits us in skin V.

There is an official gameplay trailer that promises an immersive story that will be bigger and more complex than ever before. The trailer focuses on a wide range of aspects of gameplay, from shooting through driving and, of course, story climbing the social ladder in one of three chosen career paths.

You can also enjoy various game environments and the space will get fashion and other options to spend. The developers keep emphasizing that the main strength of Cyberpunk will be the branching of the story and the emphasis on the player’s choices.

In the second video, Keanu Reeves talks about his involvement in the project. He mentions that the most interesting element for him is the ability to watch the character from many angles according to how he reacts to the player’s decision, he also points out the work with motion capture. Reeves also highlights the different ways in which the story can unfold and the paths players can take. The key new information is the fact that Johnny Silverhand will be a playable character, so if you want to become a rock star, Cyberpunk will allow you to do so.

We will probably find out how it will all turn out on December 10, but we can only hope that this release date is really final.

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