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CyberPower PC case is more than a pretty case

Mercilessly beautiful and an asset to your home. But the CyberPower PC case is also super useful.

Your powerful computer hidden in a boring closet. That’s 2005. Nowadays there are plenty of options to put your hardware in the spotlight. Or in the cooling we should say, because all that power must of course be cooled. At CyberPower they have designed a particularly ingenious and also functional PC case.

CyberPower PC Case

The CyberPower is aimed at giving your computer the cooling it needs. The housing contains 18 individually controlled fans. These ensure that the computer is provided with cooling at any desired location and when necessary. CyberPower launches the PC case within the Kinetic Series. The cool thing is that you can see exactly what the fans are doing on the outside. The brown ridges on the outside of the cabinet move and so you can see which fan is doing what.

It is not yet known what the computer case will cost. It is also unclear when CyberPower will start selling this PC case. A price of several hundred euros is expected for this smart cabinet. The presentation of the product was at CES tech fair in Las Vegas.

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