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Wednesday as painted. This was November 24, according to the Vortex editorial office, ravaged by force majeure and powerlessness. Nevertheless, we have a news summary for you, which is filled to the brim with interesting news, some of which we still had to hide on Friday. We will talk, for example, about what the initial mission in Mafia II might have looked like, as Dan Vávra spoke about it. There is also a description of how Prague was created into the vampire battle royal Bloodhunt. And we have a beautiful invitation for you to a music concert from Kingdom Come: Deliverance, resp. mentioned Mafia.

List of topics

00:30 – Dan Vávra revealed what the first mission in Mafia II could look like. A great battle was to take place in Sicily. Take a look at the pictures of the finished but canceled village

05:37 – How Prague was created for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. The authors of the battle royal event liked the Rudolfinum or Charles Bridge. They will explain why they changed something

11:27 – Spider-Man doesn’t bring any story missions to the Avengers. Everything is told through audio recordings obtained by fulfilling the challenges in the classic multiplayer game

16:18 – Epic bought the authors Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Harmonix Studio has become part of Epic Games and will create musical experiences for Fortnite

19:41 – The dispersion of the shooting will be fixed in Battlefield 2042 tomorrow. DICE developers will also address the optimization or strength of the sniper against vehicles

27:01 – Game Access attracts Kingdom Come and Mafia concerts. The first is to take place in February in Prague and the second in May in Brno. It will be a celebration of Czech games

30:12 – President Nintendo has addressed the situation in Activision. Doug Bowser follows the statements of Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer. He feels outraged and worried

34:10 – Kojima Productions airs on film and television. The new Los Angeles office is designed to help the studio expand its brands to other areas

36:44 – Sony faces lawsuit over discrimination against women. The former employee claims that women receive lower salaries and fewer opportunities than men

40:24 – Amazon is said to be close to a Mass Effect series deal. BioWare’s Mac Walters said in June that the series would be better than the film. What about Henry Cavill?

44:17 – A fan has embarked on a remake of San Andreas in Far Cry 5. Players are arguing over whether Rockstar can hit him. The author is not afraid of such a procedure

48:50 – Visit the virtual museum dedicated to 20 years of Xbox. Here you will find a letter of interest in buying a Nintendo or a list of your own successes

52:22 – Hitman 3 will see more content next year. New maps, stories and fashions are planned. Ray tracing on a PC and VR support is also planned

55:51 – Fans have revived the online multiplayer racing game MotorStorm. They also attract other PS3 games, whose official servers have long been down. It costs nothing

58:16 – Even Halo Infinite couldn’t defend itself against the cheaters. Players share funny clips from the game, in which the crooks don’t even try to disguise anything

1:01:29 – Martha’s Dead is postponed. The players will not see the psychological thriller until the end of next February. Outside, however, is a new gameplay demo

1:01:58 – Fans received an Xbox Series X-inspired refrigerator prematurely. But impressions don’t seem to matter – it hums more than the console itself when it reads data from a Blu-ray disc

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