Current account with €50 bonus + Apple Pay & Google Pay

If you are looking for a good current account, it is worth taking a look at Commerzbank’s current offer. You can currently benefit from an attractive bonus: As a welcome gift you will receive a starting credit of 50 euros and a bonus of 100 euros if you successfully recommend the account to friends and acquaintances. We took a close look at the conditions and revealed who might benefit from switching accounts.

Commerzbank: Free current account with a bonus of up to 150 euros

The Checking account at Commerzbank is only then for freeif you use it privately and one every month Cash receipt of at least 700 euros received from a foreign bank. However, the receipt of money will only be checked from the second month, so that you have enough time to transfer your previous current account to Commerzbank (view offer at Commerzbank). For every month in which you do not manage to receive the minimum amount of money, an account management fee of 9.90 euros will be charged. Additional charges apply for checks and deposits/withdrawals at branch counters.

To the offer at Commerzbank

The 50 euros starting credit will be credited to you after three months in which your account was “active”. For this, at least five monthly bookings of more than 25 euros must be received. This can be salary payments or expenses for rent, electricity, the smartphone tariff, online shopping and the like. You must also open the account online and must not have had an account with Commerzbank in the past two years. The only downside: the bonus is only available if you agree to advertising emails and calls. However, you can revoke this consent after the starting balance has been paid out.

The 100 euros referral bonus are available through Commerzbank’s “Customers refer customers” program. You can generate a special link in the institute’s online banking portal and send it via e-mail, WhatsApp and SMS. For everyone who clicks on this link and opens a checking account and also uses it actively for three months, you will receive a credit of 100 euros. The new customers referred by you also get the 50 euro starting credit.

You get a Girocard for cashless payments and withdrawals at Commerzbank and Cash Group ATMs free of charge with the checking account, as well as a virtual debit card, which you can use for Apple Pay and Google Pay can use.

To the offer at Commerzbank

For whom is the Commerzbank checking account worthwhile?

Commerzbank’s offer is worthwhile under two circumstances: either if you do not yet have a current account – i.e. for young professionals or students – or if your previous current account is subject to a fee. The 50 euros starting balance is a nice bonus, especially since the account is free of charge from 700 euros a month.

We have summarized which other banks offer free checking accounts – with and without salary payments – in this overview:

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