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Crafting: 7x the best decorations for Christmas

Christmas wreath

You can find them at all Christmas markets, but making a wreath yourself is of course much more fun. Follow the steps in the video, cut and fold neatly and voilà: you can tick off the decoration for your door.

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No colored paper at home? Here you order a set of 10 colors.


Super simple to make, but you have to think about it: a penguin made of a sock and cotton wool. Put on the eyes, add your nose and your child will have a cute cuddly toy for the rest of the winter.

Christmas baubles

A glue gun, glitter and foam: you don’t need more to make these fun Christmas baubles (well, and a portion of patience maybe).

You can buy a pack of foam sheets here.

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The Craft Teacher proves in this video that you can craft something fun with few things. You just make the snowman with some paper, buttons and the cardboard plates you have left over from a birthday party.

Also nice: make an extra festive snowman with gold or confetti plates, like this one.

Ski boot

Can your child ski? Then this self-folding ski boot is a nice item to hang in the Christmas tree. And if your child has never stood on the slats, it is just a nice winter boot.

Christmas pendants

Speaking of simple: take a bunch of ice cream sticks, glue and pompoms and you can make the nicest hangers for your tree or for the window in no time.

Colored pompoms can be ordered here.


Very nice, that tropical island of Playmobil, but of course the dolls have to get a different home in the winter. You can easily make this igloo with cardboard and a bunch of cotton wool: they are all nice and warm again.

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