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Cowboy 3 now significantly cheaper

Cowboy 3 now significantly cheaper

The E-Bike Cowboy 3 is currently available with a huge discount as part of Black Week. Actually, 2,290 euros should be put on the table for the electric bike, but now it is 45 percent cheaper. However, there is one small catch.

Cowboy 3: e-bike available for 1,190 euros

With the Cowboy 3, the manufacturer has a special e-bike for the city in its range, which at 2,290 euros is certainly not one of the cheapest electric bikes. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the new campaign where customers Save up to 45 percent compared to the original price be able. The Cowboy 3 is already available for 1,190 euros.

With the Black Week offer, customers do not receive their e-bike immediately. Those who agree to delivery in April 2022 pay the 1,190 euros mentioned. If the package arrives in March, 1,290 euros will be charged, in February it will be 1,390 euros. If the Cowboy 3 has to be driven in January 2022, customers will pay just 1,490 euros. In any case, there are also shipping costs of 75 euros. The offer is valid immediately and ends on November 30th.

Here’s what we think of Cowboy 3:

Cowboy 3: E-bike with a range of up to 70 km

The battery of the Cowboy 3 has an output of 360 Wh, which according to the manufacturer is for a Range of up to 70 km should take care of. The removable lithium-ion battery is charged after 3.5 hours. The Cowboy-made motor offers 250 watts and provides a supportive ride at up to 25 km/h. There is no gear shift.

The Cowboy 3 is for people with a Height between 170 and 195 cm suitable. It is important to note that the permissible total weight of the e-bike is 110 kg, including the bike itself, which already weighs 18.2 kg (source: Cowboy).

Customers can choose between a white and a black variant. Both have LED lights front and rear. There is also an app that, among other things unlocks the bike when the owner is nearby.

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