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Coronaproof celebrating Christmas: that’s how you do it

Go for a more wrong than wrong Christmas sweater

How do you make the Christmas dinner extra festive this year? Right: by pulling out a crazy Christmas sweater together (and yes, grandpa and grandma have to believe it too). We already made a funny selection for you.

Table setting 2.0

Oh, and speaking of Christmas dinner, set the table like you’ve never done before. Get your most beautiful tablecloth and crockery from the cupboard, fold the most beautiful origami napkins, don’t forget the raclette grill, use name cards and make a cozy menu – as if you were in a restaurant. Add the garden table so that you and your visitors can keep a meter and a half away. More tips for setting the Christmas table nicely, can be found here.

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Go out in the kitchen

You really don’t have to take hours, because from Christmas tree pizzas to ice cream donuts: with these simple dishes ask your child whether it can be Christmas every day from now on.

Online is (almost) just as much fun

Do you think Christmas will be quiet without your mother-in-law at the table? No, because with the Houseparty app you dive into a video chat with eight different people. Pick up grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunts, put on a Christmas outfit, toast the past year and play games together like ‘Heads Up’, ‘Quick Draw’ or ‘Trivia’. Almost as cozy as a ‘normal’ Christmas party. Download the app here for iOS, and here for Android.

Watch Christmas movies (all evening)

So. The neon reindeer is in the garden, the Christmas menu is round and the Christmas tree is decorated. Only now a list of great films to get into the atmosphere. Bet your child has the night of their life? And you too, by the way through these comfy Christmas outfits for on the couch.

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