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Cops fired for catching Pokémon

Make notes. It’s not very smart to catch Pokémon during work hours. Especially not as a police officer.

Doing something other than work during work. We all do it sometimes. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of productivity, your employer will probably turn a blind eye. But doing different things structurally is a different matter. Especially if you ignore the nearby raid call because you’re catching Pokémon. It happened to a bunch of cops from Los Angeles.

While they were called up for a nearby heist, they busily kept on catching Pokémon. It cost them dearly. Court documents show that they were fired. The evidence comes from the police car. Camera images show that the duo is enjoying a game, while they flatly ignore the call of the nearby robbery. Apparently they were catching a Snorlax.

The official car was used to patrol the area. Not looking out for suspicious situations, but for Pokémon. That cannot be the intention at all. It’s not surprising that the agents in Los Angeles have been fired and now have to look for another job. (via BBC)

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