With an announcement to change the Android variant, OnePlus has caused displeasure among not a few customers. Now the clarification follows: outside of China there will be no change. The cooperation with the sister company Oppo is nevertheless being intensified.

OnePlus: The company behind the

OnePlus: It stays with Android and OxygenOS

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus will continue to rely on its own Android coating OxygenOS. A change to Oppos ColorOS is off the table – at least outside the home market. In China, on the other hand, OnePlus phones will be equipped with ColorOS in the future. Already with the OnePlus 9, the Oppos Android version was used.

OnePlus had caused confusion among its own customers with a corresponding announcement. But now you have opposite MySmartPrice clarified that will not change anything for customers outside of China. A reorientation with the software is therefore not necessary.

Despite the clarification, the cooperation between OnePlus and Oppo will continue to deepen. Both brands belong to the BBK Electronics group and now conduct research and development together. OnePlus boss Pete Lau emphasizes that OnePlus will remain independent: “As for the OnePlus brand, we will continue to operate independently and focus on delivering the best possible products, as we have always done. We will continue to bring OnePlus products to market. “

OnePlus recently presented the Nord CE 5G. More about this in Video:

OnePlus: Switching to HarmonyOS off the table

Shortly before Huawei announced the Android alternative HarmonyOS, there were rumors that OnePlus may jump on the bandwagon and say goodbye to Android entirely. The speculations are now off the table at the latest. The rumors were fueled, among other things, by Huawei’s announcement that HarmonyOS would be designed as an open system in which other manufacturers are welcome to participate.