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Confirmed! The 600 MP sensor from Samsung is under development

In April of this year, there were reports that Samsung planned to develop a 600 MP sensor. However, these reports indicated that these plans were only hypothetical and would not materialize so soon (if at all). The GSMAren portal informs that we may see this crazy sensor sooner than we expected.

A Twitter user acting under the name Ice Universe confirmed that the company is really working on a 600 MP sensor. To prove this point, he shared what looks like a snapshot from an internal Samsung document or presentation.

The image reveals quite a lot of information – from some key specifications to the rationale for this ambitious project.

However, it is likely that the ISOCELL 600 MP sensor will not come soon. Samsung has to solve a few more problems that this sensor will bring. The user image shows that the new sensor would be almost twice the size of Samsung’s 108 MP sensor, which brought the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone. This would, of course, affect not only the size but also the thickness of the camera module, which is already too large.

Megapixels is not everything

Another question is whether such a sensor is needed at all. We already had a trend of adding megapixels here, around 2013. Companies were ahead of which smartphone could boast the largest number of megapixels.

However, the number of megapixels is not everything and the quality of photos is determined by several factors. The number of megapixels has the maximum effect on how detailed the photo will be when zoomed in. Most users also view their photos back only on a mobile or computer, or share them using services that compress the images, thus significantly reducing their quality.

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