Configuration errors paralyze Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

“Nah! Really now? Again?” – Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: Shutterstock)

On Friday there was another widespread failure of the Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram services. This time it should have been due to a configuration error.

It’s not a good week for the Zuckerberg group. For the second time within a few days, the company has to apologize for a far-reaching disruption.

On Friday evening, users of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram again reported problems accessing the services. The malfunction lasted a total of two hours, which, according to Facebook, was due to an incorrect configuration change. The problem is said to have been felt worldwide, but unlike the first failure at the beginning of the week, it did not affect all users equally.

Disturbance with a focus on the DACH region

The second failure is said to have mainly happened in the German-speaking area. In addition, Instagram seemed to have been significantly more affected than Facebook and Whatsapp. At least that’s what data from “allestö” shows. Up until a quarter to nine on Friday evening, only 1,000 users had problems with Facebook and Whatsapp, but 26,000 users had already reported problems with Instagram.

Identical except for a comma: Did you also order corporate communications from Wish? (Screenshot: Twitter)

On Twitter, Facebook’s confirmation of another disruption has not been well received. That was only partly due to the disturbance itself. What caused annoyance in particular was the fact that the tweet was apparently created by copy & paste. He was verbatim to the tweet from Monday evening. Very attentive viewers noticed that the new tweet was different in one point. He was missing a comma …

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Even after Facebook reported that it had eliminated all problems, users continued to complain of problems accessing services such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Workplace. Only in the course of Saturday night did the services become stable again.

In contrast to the six-hour failure on Monday evening, which was due to an incorrectly set command and a software bug, a faulty configuration change is held responsible for the renewed failure. That leaves doubts about the competence of the technical staff of the largest website on earth?

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