Concept shows ‘Apple TV Pro’ with new remote control

Apple would like to release an Apple TV with a focus on gaming next year. A designer shows in a concept what this ‘Apple TV Pro’, with renewed remote control and game controller, can look like.

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Concept shows Apple TV Pro

According to the usually knowledgeable Bloomberg, Apple will release a new Apple TV next year. The business newspaper thinks that the media box will include a fresh remote control and game controller. Graphic designer Parker Ortolani has taken these rumors as a basis to show what such an ‘Apple TV Pro’ might look like.

The concept gives tvOS, the operating system of the Apple TV, a lick of paint. For example, Ortolani shows in the concept images how Apple can add a ‘Play’ screen. Here you will find a list of recently played games with shortcuts to open them quickly.

The other screen, ‘Watch’, largely resembles the current version of tvOS. This window shows, among other things, which film or series you watched last. At the bottom is one dock visible with shortcuts to apps, such as YouTube and Disney Plus. At the top right is the notification center and at the top left of the screen is a button to immediately continue with your last action, such as watching a series.

Furthermore, Ortolani has already given a push for the new remote control. In particular, the layout of the buttons will be overhauled. In Ortolani’s concept, for example, there is a button at the top left to go back, with a trackpad below to browse tvOS. The resume / pause button is tactically placed at the bottom right and the volume buttons can be found on the side.

On to 2021

Bloomberg thinks the new Apple TV will be released next year. The media box would be more of a game console and therefore be powered by a powerful A12 or A14 chip, which we know from the iPhone XS and iPhone 12. The internal memory would also be boosted. Hold iPhoned keep an eye out for all the news around the new Apple TV.

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