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I cooked a particularly juicy dish for you today on Wednesday dinner. I can’t guarantee you will enjoy all its ingredients, but we will certainly agree that they are the same exceptional ingredients. Tuesday and Wednesday were in the spirit of many important news, and choosing the most interesting ones meant blowing up the standard news with a few lightning bolts. But which would otherwise deserve the same space as a full-fledged novelty.

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List of topics

01:00 – Funcom newly owns Conana and other interesting brands. He is already overseeing an unannounced game that will combine characters from Robert E. Howard’s universe

04:57 – Randy Pitchford: Gearbox is working on the new Brothers in Arms. But take the notice with a grain of salt. He has promised a new game several times since 2013 and still nothing

09:40 – A major update for PS5 with support for additional SSDs is released. It also brings 3D audio on classic TV, better management of friends and trophies or resolution of PS4 and PS5 games

13:33 – Why isn’t Laurence Fishburne like Morpheus in the new Matrix? Most likely because he died in 2005 in The Matrix Online

19:50 – Dying Light 2 will not be released this year. The authors postponed the game to February next year. In terms of content, it is complete, but everything is fine-tuning

22:31 – Destroy All Humans announcement trailer escaped! 2. THQ Nordic will probably present a remake of another annoying Crypt this Friday

25:54 – Driver returns, but it has a hook. Ubisoft announced a TV series instead of a new game. It will run on a new streaming platform

28:42 – Discovery Tour arrives in Valhalla in October. It will work differently. For the first time ever, a standalone version will be released not only on a PC, but also on consoles

32:09 – The first pictures from Star Wars: Hunters leaked. The multiplayer event for Switch and mobile phones should be released this year. It will be free-to-play

35:57 – The Enlisted operation heads to North Africa. World War II behind the scenes of Tunisia introduces new British and Italian troops

38:50 – When you see the game but can’t hear it, it can be a huge barrier. Players with a hearing impairment are bothered by limited communication, audio puzzles and missing subtitles

47:49 – Total War: Warhammer III is postponed to next year

48:29 – The escape of games from GeForce Now is real, but the games themselves are not

49:43 – GameCube celebrates its 20th birthday

49:52 – Another Call of Duty may be a sequel to Modern Warfare

50:27 – Rocksmith postponed to next year

50:39 – Swirch can handle wireless Bluetooth headphones

50:55 – Microsoft is not planning any big global announcements at the Tokyo Game Show

51:07 – Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One arrives at the old console later. On new and PC maybe in November

51:48 – Valve sends dev kits to Steam Deck to developers

51:54 – Everyone can try Age of Empires IV this weekend. The purpose is to test the load on servers in multiplayer. There will be four nations and five different maps to choose from

52:23 – The new Battlefield may be postponed, but it should still be released this year

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