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As if there were not enough dinosaurs and retro events lately, a mix of both is coming for us. So retro action with dinosaurs. But I can’t say that it wouldn’t be worth attention, otherwise I wouldn’t even write about it. On the contrary, I was fascinated at first sight. Compound Fracture is a new action survival horror film he is working on Austin Schaeffer, Cyrus Byrd a Pete Goodfellow.

Lifeforce Tenka + Dino Crisis

According to the authors, prehistoric lizards will be lurking for players around every corner, and you can’t do without quick reflexes. At first glance, Compound Fracture is particularly interesting for its archaic graphics. In this case, the authors were inspired by older console actions. Personally, it reminds me a lot, for example, of the Lifeforce Tenka event from the Psygnosis studio.

Otherwise, they promise linear FPS in cramped corridors, where we encounter different types of enemies, each posing a different risk. And so another strategy will need to be applied. Various weapons and upgrades will help us survive in this unhappy world, and we can also look forward to an interesting soundtrack.

Here, too, the developers refer to the inspiration of Dino Crisis, but according to them, it is not as pronounced as people may think. Austin Schaeffer revealed that they tried to approach the graphics of turn-of-the-millennium games rather than the 1990s. Although the game is currently presented in a 4: 3 aspect ratio, according to the authors, it will be possible to set a widescreen image and it will also be possible to adjust the FOV. So again, such a super strictly old-fashioned team does not want to be.

By the way, developers use the Unity engine if you wonder how they achieved this effect. Compound Fracture is currently targeting Windows only and the game already has a profile on Steam. After the release, however, the authors would like to bring the title to other platforms. However, so far retro action horror has no deadline set.

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