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Finally! Friday’s news summary brought information about the great games you may have been waiting for – Silent Hill, Total War, Diablo, Overwatch, Mass Effect, Star Wars… True, it’s not always good news, but it’s news. So sit back and enjoy the latest news this week.

List of topics

00:39 – Music composer for Silent Hill promises big announcement. It is a project you hope to exist, attracts Akira Jamaoka. It is to be introduced in the summer

05:13 – Sega announces Total War: Warhammer III strategy. A new part of the popular series will be released this year. Offers Czech subtitles and attracts grand finals

10:28 – Neither Diablo IV nor Overwatch 2 will be released this year. Activision lost hope in front of BlizzCon. However, it confirms the release of a new Call of Duty at the end of the year

15:21 – Why it’s not part of the legendary Mass Effect edition of DLC Pinnacle Station and why multiplayer “didn’t fit” into the remaster

19:52 – Aspyr can work for the Knights of the Old Republic. The studio has belonged to Embracer since yesterday and has acknowledged work on a big game with a budget of $ 70 million

24:22 – Timetable: Resident Evil in September, DWVR for PS4 now works on PS5 and people are already playing the GoldenEye 007 remaster for Xbox 360

30:02 – Difficulty in games from Sony may change AI in the future. According to the patent, artificial intelligence will monitor the player and adapt the difficulty of the game for him

34:05 – Are you wrong? The hero of The Plane Effect is probably even worse. After the last day at work, he doesn’t remember where he lives or whether he has a family

37:24 – The authors of Detroit and Heavy Rain open a branch in Canada. Quantic Dream Montreal will be led by former project manager Deus Ex and a veteran from Ubisoft

41:20 – Star Exodus science fiction refers to Homeworld and Battlestar Galactic. After destroying your homeland, you must find a new habitable planet. And find out the truth about your species

45:06 – Sony acquires stake in parent company FromSoftware. It’s a strategic merger, says Kadokawa Corporation. Exclusive titles for the PS5 do not follow from it

48:16 – How to play The Vale adventure designed not only for the blind. Complete a long journey blindly in the skin of a princess who cannot see and wants to return home

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