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Column: Just one more year of Disney Plus then

Every week we get a new episode of series set in the Star Wars and Star Trek universe. That is actually very special. Time for a second year of Disney Plus.

Another year of Disney Plus

A year ago, Disney Plus was introduced in the Netherlands and I immediately took out an annual subscription. The new streaming service not only had (almost) the full catalog of Disney and Pixar films, but also promised crazy series around Star Wars and Marvel. Of course I want that!

Yet I soon regretted it. After the first season of Star Wars series The Mandalorian concluded in December, very little was left. With the occasional exception, such as Beyoncé’s Black is King, there was little compelling on the streaming service for someone without children.

Android Planet this month is all about saving money and paying for a streaming service that you don’t actually use is not very convenient. But Disney has done something very clever. Just when my subscription, and probably that of many others, was about to expire, there was spontaneous: The Mandalorian season 2. And now I have a whole new year of Disney Plus.

Star Wars and Star Trek

Right now, I’m really enjoying the second season of The Mandalorian. I hope that the makers will not lean too much on the animation series that are now frequently referred to, because I found the first season to be wonderful on its own. But otherwise I have nothing to grumble. The production values ​​are gigantic, Baby Yoda is infinitely cute and Pedro Pascal is also a winner.

How cool is it that nowadays we just get a new episode of a good Star Wars series and a new episode of a good Star Trek series (on Netflix) every Friday? A few weeks ago I also had an episode of Drag Race: Holland every Friday, but I can imagine that most people who watch the aforementioned series do not get the same warm feelings at a match between Dutch drag queens.

It still feels a bit awkward that the nerd culture of the past has now become mainstream. That’s been going on for quite a few years, of course, but I remember you used to be the weird geek if you liked science fiction and superheroes. Now it is the genres with which the most money can be made.

Another year

But soon The Mandalorian will be over and I will have another year of Disney Plus. I have good faith in the Marvel series to come. WandaVision (featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision from the Marvel movies) seems to be getting insane. The series plunges into the history of television, including a live audience during the filming as before. This show comes out in January.

What happens next is trickier. New shows would be released regularly, but then the corona virus came and all recordings came to a halt. So after January I may be back on a Disney Plus subscription without having to worry about things. Or The Mandalorian should return sooner than expected. In any case, the main character is doing something right in this day and age: he always wears a mask.

How do you view Disney Plus after year one? Do you still have a subscription? Let us hear from you in the comments!

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