Coalition is heavily criticized for postponing free childcare

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We previously received the good news that the system – as we know it now – will be overhauled in 2025. Has the government announced that childcare will not be free until 2027? That is two years later than promised. The opposition disagrees and strongly criticizes the postponement.

“I too am very disappointed that free childcare will not be possible in 2025. Would I like to see it differently? Absolutely,” says Fonda Sahla of D66. “But we also have to be realistic,” explains Jacqueline van den Hil of the VVD. “If we know that there are waiting lists, that there are shortages of places, then I am more in favor of doing it the right way than rushing it.” Fonda adds: “This delay is therefore unfortunately necessary and unavoidable.”

Completely insufficient

Barbara Kathman of the PvdA wonders aloud in what way D66 let itself be fooled? “The honest story is that absolutely not enough has been done in recent years to prevent this problem. What can this cabinet actually do?”, responds Peter Kwint of the SP.

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Karien van Gennip, Minister of Social Affairs understands that it is difficult for very many people, but says: “I would not have forgotten myself if we had looked at it in two or three years and were confronted with a system that did not work, that got bogged down with still longer waiting lists. We shouldn’t have done that to each other.”

Source: RTL News

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