Clubhouse no longer requires an invitation to register

That’s it, anyone can register on Clubhouse: an invitation is no longer necessary. This application, available on iOS and recently on Android, allows you to organize audio conversations. It was a success, especially at the start of the year. But downloads are starting to drop.

Until now, users had to have an invitation to be able to register with Clubhouse. Only already registered members could provide one. This step is no longer relevant now that everyone can register freely.

“The invitation system has been an important part of our history”, indicates Clubhouse on his blog. “By adding people in waves, welcoming new faces each week during our Wednesday orientations, and chatting with the community each Sunday on Town Hall, we were able to develop Clubhouse in a measured way, and avoid that things do not break when we change scale ”.

Those who wished could register in a queue. Clubhouse told The Verge that 10 million people have done it and each will gradually enter the platform.

Obviously, this opening is not trivial. Several competing platforms have launched their Clubhouse counterparts. This is particularly the case with Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. The group wants to try to attract people, rather than seeing everyone heading towards the competition, especially since other platforms do not have an invitation system.

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