Cloud market grew $ 10 billion in Q4

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The market for cloud infrastructure grew strongly worldwide in the final quarter of 2020. US $ 39.9 billion was spent on such services – an increase of $ 10 billion.

The digital transformation and increased use during the corona-related lockdowns have resulted in a strong increase in the market for cloud infrastructure around the world. According to market analysts from Canalys, around 39.9 billion dollars were spent on cloud services in the fourth quarter of 2020 – 32 percent more than in the same quarter of the previous year. Amazon’s cloud service AWS defended its top position.

4 providers hold 65 percent of the cloud market

Overall, the four largest providers, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, now make up around two thirds of the entire cloud market. AWS comes to 32 percent, Azure to 20 percent, Google Cloud to seven and Alibaba Cloud to six percent. However, AWS had to give up in the past few months, like Canalys reports. While Amazon’s cloud service grew by 28 percent in the fourth quarter, the three biggest rivals in the market were able to increase their revenues by 50 percent or more.

Canalys research analyst Blake Murray blames digitization in the areas of trade and production, which is currently picking up speed, for the high growth. Large projects that were postponed at the beginning of the year have been re-prioritized in the past few months. The modernization of applications, SAP migrations and the transformation of workplaces played a major role. “Companies are now more confident about freeing up budgets for digital transformation, said Murray.

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Analysts remain confident for 2021

For the year as a whole, Canalys posted spending in the cloud infrastructure sector of 142 billion dollars – an increase of 33 percent compared to 2019. Demand was ultimately higher than initially expected, although a number of large projects had been postponed . For the current year the analysts see further growth. The vaccination programs, which are gaining momentum, would keep companies confident and encourage investment. At the same time, home office and distance learning initially remained the order of the day.

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