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Close to the Sun – Adventure

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The alternative end of the 19th century, a huge breakthrough in science through the famous Tesla, a fault whose consequences can not be taken back. You’re a young reporter, Rose, climbing into the cloud, close to the Sun, looking for your sister. It should be aboard a ship designed by Nikola Tesla himself, but in the first second after your embarkation you find that there is something wrong …

Close to the Sun is another of a series of adventures seen from the first person who aims to scare you and at the same time amaze your environment processed in the latest Unreal Engin. While watching a mysterious trailer, we did not get rid of the idea of ​​Bioshock, but it does not seem like you would take some weapons and fight enemies in action passages


You are no murderer. From the vision of death that is all around you, you are doing badly. In the shadows strange monsters chase you while listening to a voice that helps you out of the way. What happened here? Can Tesla go for it? Certainly he knows something about himself when he declares himself quarantine on his entire Helios ship.

The revelation of the truth will not only make you new underwear, but also the involvement of brainwaves in solving many of the puzzles that Nikola probably invented. Close to the Sun looks very promising. Play next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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