clean up your Android smartphone do you

If you have your smartphone for a while, then he soon feels a lot slower. Prevent your device from silting up by regularly cleaning everything up. With these five tips your old phone will be as new again.


Video: cleaning up your smartphone is something you

We use our smartphones all day long. You continuously take photos, install apps and receive messages from friends or family. Before you know it, your storage space is completely full. And that’s what you’ll notice: a device with little free storage is much slower.

In addition, it is a good idea to tackle your smartphone a lot. Your homescreen is probably full of apps that you rarely use, while you continuously receive notifications of desperate applications that want to attract your attention. You really do not have to dump your phone in the new year, but it certainly does not hurt to use it more sensibly.

In this week’s video we will give you useful tips on how to start your 2019 with your Android phone. How do you delete unnecessary files and apps, what can you do to limit your notifications and how do you ensure that your smartphone looks new again on the outside? We explain it to you in the video above.

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