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This application will help you to decipher the ingredients of cosmetic products, it has information on more than 25,000 ingredients. For each of them, you can find its common name, its origin, its function …

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Two modes of analysis will be offered:
– Or the scan of the list beginning with “ingredients” appearing on the product.
– Or search for an ingredient by entering its name.

The app will give you precise and reliable information on cosmetic ingredients, based on the most recent scientific data, including the so-called controversial ingredients. However, it is not intended to rate cosmetic products, but rather to provide all the information necessary to allow a free and informed choice to be made.

The app uses character recognition to identify the ingredients listed on the package. Most of the existing cosmetic applications use the product barcode to obtain the ingredient list. However, this code is not reliable for identifying ingredients; it is only intended to give the distributor logistical and commercial information on the product (weight, price, size of the product, etc.).

The CLAIRE application is developed by the Federation of Businesses of the BEauté (FEBEA) and the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC).

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