Chrome’s Incognito mode is getting a lot more interesting

Sometimes you want to look up things that you don’t necessarily want to be displayed every time you start a new search. The solution is of course the incognito screen and that will be a lot better. You can now take screenshots in Incognito mode.

Take screenshots

This was not possible before and for a logical reason: your privacy. After all, the incognito screen is intended to surf a bit under the radar and screenshots are basically not part of that. He took a snapshot, but it turned out completely black. Worthless. You could always get around that, but you had to apply a clever trick: use the flag incognito screenshot (chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot). Very useful, but not many people are familiar with it.

Taking those screenshots was always a bit dangerous because people could still passively look around the Recents overview. So Chroem could only ‘block’ screenshots from Incognito by making them completely black. Now that will change, because a new flag will be introduced. Techdows writes that the new system means that you still don’t see your screenshot when you go through your ‘Recents’ overview, but that you can take them manually.

Incognito on Chrome

How? You need to install Chrome Canary on your phone and use the “Improved Incognito Screenshots” flag. Tech expert Mishaal Rahman shows how it works in a handy video on Twitter:

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Prefer to lock your incognito screens? That is also possible. In this article we tell you how it works and what it can be useful for.

Do you often use Chrome’s incognito mode? Or are you one of those people who always use it? Is this a feature that makes you happy, or would you prefer it to stay away? Leave it now in the comments.

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