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Chrome: Google withdraws its tool that removes unwanted software

Since 2015, Chrome offers a cleaning tool that is responsible for identifying and removing unwanted software. Google announcement terminate this tool (Chrome Cleanup Tool).

Google says the cleanup tool is no longer needed due to a “steady decline in discoveries of unwanted software on users’ machines,” as well as a decline in user feedback about this type of software. This tool detected and removed suspicious or unwanted software so that users could recover from unexpected settings changes. It was available on Windows.

It was originally a standalone tool. Google then decided to integrate it into Chrome on Windows. The company credits its Google Safe Browsing service and antivirus programs for blocking unwanted software more effectively.

Although useful for day-to-day system maintenance, the Chrome Cleanup Tool was never intended as a complete antivirus solution. Nowadays, Chrome has better alternative services to protect users and block suspicious files, such as Google Safe Browsing and Chrome’s built-in virus protection for Windows. And as new phishing and malware trends continue to emerge, Google says it has focused on proactively improving authentication workflows and virus detection technology to protect Chrome users.

The tool’s demise comes with Chrome 111, which was released this week.

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