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Christmas 2020: We choose the best apps for your new smartphone

Did you get a new smartphone for Christmas? It is time to adapt it to serve you best in the coming years, which of course will not be possible without suitable applications. We bring you a selection of the best applications that should not be missing in it.

What about free time?

Social networks

Most of us use social networks today. Whether to follow the news or to stay in touch with friends. It is one of the most popular social networks in Slovakia Facebook and Instagram, but the social network, for example, is also gaining in popularity TikTok.


You don’t just have to make phone calls and text messages with your loved ones, you can also communicate with them online and for free. In Slovakia, it is one of the most popular communication applications Messenger and WhatsApp from Facebook.

Streaming services

You no longer have to download movies and series or rely on them to go on TV. Thanks to streaming services, you will be able to watch them anywhere and anytime, not just through your new smartphone. The streaming service has also officially arrived in Slovakia Google Stadium, thanks to which you can play various popular games online and on any device.

Music and podcasts

The times when songs had to be downloaded manually and one by one are long gone. With services that stream music, you have an endless library of music. All you have to do is save your favorite songs to playlists and you can listen wherever you want. By using these services, you will also get access to podcasts, which have become very popular in recent years. And even if you like listening to the radio, the application SK radio will release any Slovak radio.


Your new smartphone doesn’t have to be just for endlessly scrolling social networks. In your free time you get applications Doulingo and Busuu they can help learn foreign languages ​​or with the application Readera you can read an interesting book. With application Readmio you read books to your children again.


The following applications will help you stay in the picture. Most Slovak news media have their own application, including Denník N, Aktualít or TV Markízy. You can follow the news on any of your favorite topics using the applications SQUID or Google News. If you enjoy following blogs, the app Feedly will show you new articles from your favorite blogs in one place.


Do you want to save money when shopping? With application Heureka you compare the prices of individual products in different e-shops, while with the application Discount you will receive discounted vouchers for various trips and products. Application Stocard again, your wallet will get rid of all loyalty cards and you will have them stored directly in your mobile. And thanks to the applications Leaflets you can quickly and easily browse the stock leaflets of all major stores.

Things you no longer need don’t end up in the trash. Find them a new home with apps Bazoš and I donate for transportation.


Going to enjoy a good meal in your favorite restaurant is not that easy at the moment. However, most restaurants have moved online and you can easily order food to your home via your new smartphone.

Use your new smartphone as an auxiliary tool


Several applications will help you when traveling. No driver should lack reliable navigation, in addition to the pre-installed Google Maps, applications are also popular Waze or Sygic. If you prefer to travel by train or bus, you must not miss the application Ubian or CP timetables. When all other means of transport fail and you have to take a taxi, the applications will help you Bolt, Uber and Hopin.

The application is suitable for navigating anywhere, which offers a very detailed map in comparison with the competition.


I don’t think the benefits of weather monitoring need be represented. No one wants to freeze or get wet just because they haven’t watched the weather. You can do so with the mobile application at any time during the day. The choice of the application is up to you, some offer only basic weather data, others are more detailed and sophisticated.


Today, most Android devices come with a large enough storage capacity, but if you don’t have enough or want to keep your files securely off the device, think about a cloud solution. Terms and prices vary by company, but the principle remains the same – you don’t have to worry about losing your files if your device is damaged or lost, and it will make it easier for you to move between devices in the future.


Mobile banking has provided bank clients with a fast and efficient way to manage their money. Checking your account balance, making a payment or even taking out a loan has never been easier. Therefore, your new smartphone should not be left without your bank’s application.


The Google Play Store also has a number of applications that make your photos look great without the use of a professional camera. Below you will find a selection of the best and most popular.


With your carrier’s application, you can easily manage your flat rate or prepaid card. Depending on the operator, you can, for example, monitor the status of your credit or called minutes, top up your credit or purchase data packages, or the operator can inform you about news and promotions.

Work from home more efficiently

This year’s coronavirus pandemic has also brought changes to the working lives of many people. If you are one of them, your new smartphone can help you with your work.


Taking notes and to-do lists is a great way to keep in mind and clean up your head. Classic and easy choices include applications Google Keep or Microsoft To-Do. Users are also popular applications Evernote whose Everything.


In addition to the classic calendar, you can also use services designed for this purpose. If you are looking for something easy to schedule tasks for you or for your team, the app Asana will serve you great. If you are looking for something more complex that you can customize yourself, be sure not to miss the applications Notion and Trello.


Each smartphone already has its own calendar. However, it usually does not offer the possibility of synchronization with a computer or other services. So you can look at other options.

Work communication

Even when working from home, you need to communicate with your colleagues and your boss. However, you can also use the tools designed for this off-work, for example to participate in online events.

Take care of your health

Underestimating whether physical or mental health never pays off. Take advantage of the services and benefits offered by your insurance company’s mobile application. Take care of your health in your free time, with which applications for monitoring physical activities, applications with various types of exercises or applications that will help you take care of mental health will help you.

Personalize your new smartphone

Many users return to Android devices precisely because they give them the ability to customize almost anything. Find a nice wallpaper for your new smartphone and try another launcher if you want to experiment more. It changes the look of the home screen and application menu. If you like to use widgets, use the app KWGT Custom Widget Maker you can create your own or download widgets created by other users.

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