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Samsung’s new flagship is coming. Read the latest rumors about the Samsung S22 from the technology giant here.

The S22 is Samsung’s flagship. And therefore very important for the company. It is one of the competitors of the iPhone and that is why the device is always packed with new technology. A lot has become known recently. We have listed the latest rumors about the Samsung S22 for you.

The price

We Dutch always look at the price. Quite logical, the prices of smartphones are not wrong. Of course you want something for such a large amount of money. The S22 will probably cost less than the S20. It was too expensive, which is why many people did not buy the device and went shopping at the competition. The S21 was therefore more affordable. We suspect that the price of the S22 will remain the same as that of the predecessor.


From a marketing point of view, it is wise to give the top models different variants. This makes the prices different, so you can attract more customers. Samsung will do that with the S22. It’s likely we’ll see a base S22, along with an upgraded S22 Plus and an S22 Ultra model at the top of the range with the best specs. And the highest price that goes with it. For those with a more modest budget, the company may also make an even more affordable Galaxy S22 FE, although it won’t be launched immediately. We expect the S22 FE as usual later in the launch year.


An indispensable function these days: the camera. We shoot something with our smartphones. That is why it is important that there is a top camera in it. And it will be, rumors suggest that the S22 will have exciting camera upgrades. That’s good to hear, because the S21 Ultra’s camera is good, but wasn’t a major upgrade over its predecessor.

Some analysts suspect it will be the first Samsung phone with a whopping 200-megapixel resolution, based on a teaser tweet from Samsung’s own Exynos account. That would be a major upgrade over the already well-stocked 108-megapixel S21 Ultra and would theoretically allow for sharper zoomed-in images. And speaking of zoom, the S22 Ultra is rumored to have a continuous optical zoom as well, rather than simply having 3x or 10x optical zooms set to switch between them.

Launch date

So all exciting news, but when is it coming? The company used to launch its S phones in March. But the S21 came in January. Assuming Samsung uses 12 months for a cycle, the S22 should arrive in January 2022. But it could also be that the company will return to March. This is because there is still a chip shortage and the pandemic is not over, so people are a little more reserved.

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