Check out the first preview of the Shenmue -apkrig series

The series adaptation of Shenmue, announced last year, reached its first trailer. The anime premieres next year and it seems that according to the first responses, it really hit the fans’ taste. The joint project Adult Swim and Crunchyroll is being created at the Telecom Animation Film studio, and the trailer was unveiled at the New York Comic Con event.

As we wrote before, the series is supposed to tell the same story as the game saga. The protagonist is looking for his father’s killer. His journey for revenge will take him from the streets of his native Yokosuka to Hong Kong and on to the interior of China. The question remains as to where the story of the series takes viewers. The game saga is far from over, and it is not so clear where the anime will end.

When you don’t have time to play games

The author of the play, Jú Suzuki, works as an executive producer in the adaptation and it will be a thirteen-part series. According to Suzuki, the animated series is great for telling his long story, which will of course be more straightforward than in games. In a project that combines handheld and computer animation, we will naturally see what we know from the game series, but we probably won’t learn more than from the games.

The series was announced last September at the Crunchyroll Expo, with work being started before the release of the third game. It is said that by then two to three years had been done on the project. Some of the original dabblers in the most important roles will also return. According to him, the key themes of Shenmue, which Suzuki wants to see in the series, are love, courage, friendship and family. These are universal topics that people around the world understand and believe. At the same time, he hopes to capture the culture and spirit of Japan. Suzuki believes that fans will accept the series adaptation. And so far, it seems, he’ll probably be right.

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