check out our photos of the yellow iPhone 14 here

Last Tuesday, the iPhone 14 appeared in a new color: yellow! Curious what it looks like exactly? We’ve already managed to get our hands on the yellow iPhone 14 – check out our photos here!

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New color for the iPhone 14 (Plus)

Last week – on Tuesday, March 7 – Apple suddenly came up with a surprise: the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus got a yellow jacket! The devices already went on presale on Friday 10 March. Did you manage to get one then? Then you probably already have it at home, because these iPhones have been in stores since Tuesday, March 14.

However, a bright tan is not for everyone. Let alone a bold color like yellow – its hue can make a big difference. Do you still doubt whether this tone yellow suits you? Then you’ve come to the right place, because at iPhoned we already got our hands on the device. Hopefully our photos of the yellow iPhone 14 will help you choose.

Photos yellow iPhone 14

If you look at the footage of the yellow iPhone 14 that Apple itself is showing off, the color seems rather overwhelmingly bright. But in reality he is very pleasant to look at. The yellow tint is soft, almost pastel-like. A wonderfully fresh spring color.

The edges on the side, on the other hand, have a slightly golden glow. Depending on the light, this even seems to shine, which looks very chic. No, the yellow definitely does not come across as cheap.

Incidentally, in addition to the yellow iPhone, Apple also immediately released four new covers. We also have one of these, specifically the case ‘Canary yellow’. Its color is almost identical to that of the iPhone itself – it’s just a tad brighter. But as you can see below, it keeps your device both protected and stylish.

Yellow iPhone 14 case

Okay, photos can of course give a distorted picture, so that’s why we looked for some recognizable yellow objects in the house. By placing it next to the iPhone, we hope to make it clear how yellow the iPhone 14 really is. How about a comparison with a bottle of Fanta, tennis ball or even a block of cheese (aged 30+)?

Yellow iPhone 14

However, there is one object that came closest to the color of the iPhone 14: a stack of sticky notes. They’re a tad brighter, but the familiar sticky notes have a slightly soft undertone that the previous items lack. So grab a post-it yourself to see if this color is for you.

Yellow iPhone 14 photos

Buy iPhone 14 (Plus).

Are you finally out, are you going to buy one? Or do you choose a different color? Whatever your preference, you will probably also want to know what the price tag is: the iPhone 14 has a suggested retail price from € 1016, the iPhone 14 Plus from € 1066.

However, you still have to make some choices that affect this amount. For example, are you going for the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 or the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus? And then there’s the storage space: you can choose between 128 GB, 256 GB and even 512 GB per model.

The prices change regularly, especially at sellers besides Apple. So keep an eye on our iPhone 14 price comparison. This way you always have an overview of the most attractive offers! Below you will find deals for all colors, but you are also looking specifically for the best price of the yellow iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 offers

Subscription Separate device Refurbished

Apple iPhone 14 Plus deals

Subscription Separate device Refurbished

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