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Cheaper Samsung tablets? They could appear in the Galaxy M series

During November, information about the interesting Galaxy M62 appeared in the area of ​​the expected Samsung devices. At first glance at this designation, probably few people come up with anything other than another common name for a mobile phone. But as is now speculated, the word “Tab” might also appear in the title, which it would it changed the situation a bit. In the end, the new device would not have to be a mobile phone, but a tablet included in the M series. Potential tablet Samsung Galaxy (Tab) M62 should therefore fall into a lower price and performance category. So far, the Korean manufacturer has a series of Tab A, Tab Active and Tab S.

So far nothing much is known about the device. Maybe just the designation SM-M625F. If Samsung started producing tablets in the M series, it would continue to confirm its interest in selling mid-range products. Those that are capable compete mainly with Chinese brands. So far, for example, it is doing well with the A-Series mobile phone, and customers would probably welcome other devices in the middle class. It should be noted, however, that the potential tablet Galaxy (Tab) M62 would already start to do in labeling Samsung products a little mess.

How do you currently perceive the offer of tablets?

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