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ChatGPT app coming to the App Store in 40+ countries

ChatGPT is wildly popular and is now available for even more countries in the App Store on iPhone. Will the Netherlands also be included this time?

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ChatGPT app coming to the App Store in 40+ countries

We mentioned earlier that the official ChatGPT app is now available, but unfortunately that turned out to be only for America as of yet. ChatGPT can now be found in the App Store in more than forty countries.

Still, it’s a pity. Because the app is still not available in the Dutch App Store. The ChatGPT app can now be found in the German App Store, for example. So if you really don’t want to wait anymore, you can always create a German Apple ID.

But we recommend that you still be patient. The app will probably also be available in our App Store soon. And then you can just download the app with your own Apple account.

ChatGPT on the App Store: Here’s what you can do with it

The app is free to install and is free to use if you have an account. In addition, the ChatGPT app is completely ad-free. The app works much the same as the website and you get access to all features of ChatGPT, but in an app form.

Beware of unofficial apps

You have to pay attention, because at the moment you will find many unofficial ChatGPT apps in the App Store. The nasty thing is that these apps do cost money. For example, a version of the chatbot can be downloaded for free in the App Store, but you then pay a weekly subscription of 9.99 euros or an annual subscription of no less than 59.99 euros. So don’t!

chatGPT German App Store

Get started with ChatGPT yourself

So you have to wait a while in the Netherlands before you can get the app from the App Store. But do you still want to try what exactly you can do with this AI bot? Which can! To use the service, you just need to create an account on the ChatGPT and OpenAI website. You then have free access to the chatbot.

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