ChatGPT 4 does it for you

The popular chatbot is getting smarter. You can now even use chatGPT-4 to create your own apps for the iPhone. A developer showed how he did it.

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ChatGPT-4 can now create iPhone apps on its own

It shouldn’t get any crazier, but a developer has now used ChatGPT-4 to create an iPhone app. The iPhone app shows five new movies with accompanying trailers every day. In addition, the app also tells you where to stream these films.

The first version of the app still had a few bugs. But after a few extra notes and commands, the iPhone app is ready to be used. So it’s pretty easy to create your own iPhone apps with ChatGPT.

The striking thing about this is that you don’t need any programming knowledge at all. Even if your program gives an error message, you can report it to ChatGPT. The chatbot will then come up with the right solution itself.

Still, the developer admits that he had to help ChatGPT-4 a few times. But he also said that you should always help colleagues.

This is what’s new in ChatGPT-4

In addition to creating apps, the new version of ChatGPT also allows you to input images. Before that you could only type text messages for the chatbot, but this is now expanded with images. Uploading videos is currently not possible.

ChatGPT also has a number of minor improvements in the fourth version. For example, the chat service now answers more accurately than before and deals less often with topics that are not allowed. The chatbot has therefore become safer and more reliable after the update.

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