[CES 2022] BMW unveils an electric SUV … that changes color at will

Little sensation on the side of Bmw, who presented at CES 2022 a IX electric SUV… Whose bodywork changes color at will (and almost instantly)! This impressive “chameleon” technology, developed in partnership with the company E Ink, is based on a so – called “electrophoretic” process: the vehicle body is covered with a layer of several million microcapsules (as thin as a hair). which can be stimulated by electrical signals. This “stimulation” in turn activates color pigments, which quickly switches from black to creamy white.

BMW explains that this change of color is not only there to impress (well, a little all the same…): the white tends to better “repel” the rays of the sun while the black retains the heat more easily. , which could therefore be of interest from a thermal point of view (and make it possible to limit the use of air conditioning or heating in the passenger compartment). For the moment, and as one can imagine it unfortunately, this rather bluffing technology is not envisaged on the models of series of the German mark.

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