Certain Bose speakers should be returned

The US audio manufacturer Bose speaks of a “potential fire hazard” and is now voluntarily recalling corresponding products. Customers can use the serial number to find out online whether their loudspeakers are affected.

Bose: Voluntary recall of bass modules (Acoustimass, Lifestyle, Companion) due to fire hazard

On certain models of bass speakers (“Subwoofers”) from the Bose brand, according to the manufacturer, “electrical components can fail” and a “potential fire hazard” represent. They should no longer be used and instead sent back to Bose for a refund free repair of the speaker. The manufacturer does not provide any information on the repair time. Alternatively, if you want to get rid of the box permanently, Bose is offering “a 40% discount on a new Bose soundbar”.

Bass Modules: Two versions are affected by the recall due to potential fire hazard. The case color can be black or white (Image source: Bose).

The recall only affects older devices that Manufactured before April 1, 2006 and were sold. More than 1 million of the speakers were sold worldwide at the time – but fortunately there have only been 21 reports of dangerous malfunctions so far (source: US Consumer Product Safety Commission). Current home cinema loudspeakers from Bose (“TV Speaker”, “Soundbar 500”, “Home Speaker” etc.) are not affected.

This is how the return to Bose works

are crucial Product name and serial number. Bass modules from the series are affected Acoustimass, Lifestyle and Companion. These are the large, cuboid housings that are placed on the floor and are responsible for reproducing the low tones. The associated compact satellite speakers (“cubes”) are not affected by the recall. Bose has one German-language help page for the recall created, which gives precise instructions. This explains where to find the labels with the name and number of each model and what to do in the next step.

Bose Customer Service is at the Telephone number +49 61759313013 Available Monday through Saturday (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). The manufacturer recommends in advance a photo of the product label to do so that you have all the important information ready when you have questions.

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