How To Fix iPhone XS Battery Life Issues

With a typical battery usage of about 10-12 hours, you can expect the iPhone XS. However, you may soon experience a rapid battery drain instead of enjoying an outstanding battery life. When you are in the standby position, you are… Read More »

Says Ann Bunny

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How to test a smartwatch?

I confess: Before I buy an article, I search in the worldwide net for information regarding the handling, condition and practicability of the selected object. I then buy many things locally to support the local dealers. Especially with technical things,… Read More »

5 best antivirus for iPhone and iPad

Even though viruses are less likely to infect your iPhone or iPad than a PC, that does not mean they’re totally immune. These viruses are not as virulent and devastating as for PCs, it is still necessary to take steps… Read More »