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Cat Quest II takes its autonomy on iOS (App Store release)

Even cuter and better finished than its predecessor, Cat Quest II remains this extremely affordable and addictive A-RPG whose heroes are cats and dogs. The game was released in 2019 on the subscription service Apple Arcade, and by a curious coincidence that we cannot explain, it had not had the honors of an article on our site. This unforgivable oversight has now been repaired since the game has been released from Apple Arcade and therefore regains its full freedom in the App Store (App Store link – 5.99 euros – iPhone/iPad). CAT QUEST II tells the story of two kings, reunited against their will on a chaotic journey of discovery to reclaim their throne. Play as a cat and a dog as you explore their kingdoms alone or with a friend! Go on quests in a world full of magic and strange monsters and embark on a chatventure like you’ve never experienced before! » So much for the pitch.

The great strength of the game, in addition to the really cute graphics, is its very square and extremely easy to master combat system. This second opus offers more of everything, more weapons, more dungeons to explore, more abilities, more spells, more enemies, etc. Warmly recommended.

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