Canoo is a truck for campers

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The e-car startup Canoo promises a large payload with the “turning circle of a Prius”. Further innovations await off-road fans – from the integrated work table to the camper version.

Observers already speak of one Pickup like from Lego Duplo, but the e-car manufacturer Canoo has thought a lot with the unusual shape. CEO Tony Aquila said, “Our pickup is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive.” No truck is as space-efficientAccording to the press release. It is scheduled to hit the market in 2023. Pickups are the best-selling cars in the United States.

As a camper van, the truck has a lot of interior and exterior storage space for luggage. (Image: Canoo)

Average performance data

The raw data is rather below the average of the other pickup trucks: starting with the Cybertruck from Tesla to the Hummer EV to the Rivian R1T. However, none of these vehicles is on the market yet. The two engines of the Canoo pickup are expected to produce up to 600 hp, and the company specifies a payload of just over 800 kilograms. The 4.70-meter-long pickup is expected to travel 321 kilometers on one battery charge. The smaller battery has a range of 160 kilometers. Prices could not yet be found out.

Tables and loading area can be extended

The manufacturer is particularly proud of the 1.80 meter loading area, which can be extended to 2.60 meters. In the extended position, a second level of the tailgate can also be swiveled out. Canoo uses a room divider system to divide the loading area into different areas. Wheel chocks and configurable mounting options for bicycles, ladders and the like are attached to its walls.

In the front there is a kind of frunk in which tools and the like are to be stowed. A fold-down table, lighting and sockets provide a mobile workplace. On each side there is another table that can be folded down. They can all be undressed. Further storage compartments are located on the sides of the loading area.

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Electricity and light on all sides

Canoo emphasizes that the electricity is enough to operate power tools all day, but that this only affects the range by ten percent. The car has various sockets. There is also no shortage of lamps: Drivers can use the third brake light as a lamp for the cargo area. Circumferential light strips should ensure more safety.

Camper version with all kinds of extras

Prospective buyers can book a roof rack above the cab. Alternatively, there should also be a complete camper version that can accommodate a roof tent and various extensions.

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