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can now be used with Bunq and more

Payment service Google Pay is now also available in the Netherlands. You can now use the service at Bunq, among others, and may later also work at other banks.

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Google Pay in the Netherlands: this is how you use it

Google Pay, the search giant’s payment service, is also available to Dutch users from today. The service currently works at Bunq, N26 and Revolut and may later be offered by other banks. A spokesperson for Google shows know that other banks have to decide for themselves whether they want to offer Google Pay to users.

You can use Google Pay for various things. For example, you can add a payment card and then pay contactlessly in shops with your Android smartphone, using the NFC chip in the device. This is also possible with the apps of various Dutch banks, such as the Rabo Wallet and ING app. You can also use Google Pay for online payments in web shops.

The Google Pay app is not released in the Netherlands; instead, if you are a customer of Bunq, N26 or Revolut, you have to activate the Google Pay function in the own apps of these banks. The Google Pay app can still be downloaded via a detour, but it does not fully work in the Netherlands. However, you can use it to keep track of your purchase history in Google Play, for example. The Dutch language is supported by the application.

On website APK Mirror you can download and install the installation file. Check the tip on installing apk files for instructions.

Google Pay is kind of like Apple Pay, which works on all recent iPhones and with most major banks. Users can make contactless payments in stores with an iPhone or Apple Watch and also make online purchases. Apple Pay was released in the Netherlands in June last year, but has been available in other countries for much longer. Check out the Apple Pay overview page on sister site iPhoned For more information.

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