calling via computer is rolling out for a small group of users

Several WhatsApp Web users report that they can now have conversations through their computers. However, your smartphone must be connected in order to set up the call connection. It is still unknown when the function will roll out to everyone.

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WhatsApp Web: calling via computer

The information appeared on WABetainfo, one of the best known websites when it comes to news about WhatsApp. The site mentions that (video) calling via WhatsApp Web or the desktop application of the chat service is rolling out for a small group of people.

To have a (video) conversation via WhatsApp Web, your phone must be connected. This is also the case if you simply want to chat via a PC, as you are used to. The users who already see the function will see additional options in a chat window at the top right.

This way you can immediately call someone by voice or start a video call. The site uses the hardware of the laptop or computer for this. If someone calls you via WhatsApp, you will see a small pop-up. In it you will see two buttons next to the photo of that person: record and ignore.

While conducting a conversation, you will also see some buttons. You can temporarily switch off the microphone or webcam, end the conversation or dive deeper into the menu.

WhatsApp Web - (video) conversation

Roll out (video) calling via WhatsApp Web and desktop app

The function is still in beta and when the possibility of making (video) calling via a computer will roll out for everyone is still the question. If you don’t see the feature yet, be patient as you can’t manually turn this option on or off.

Calling and conducting a video call have been possible with the mobile apps of the service since 2015 and 2016 respectively. Would you like to know more about the chat service on the computer? Read our extensive article about WhatsApp Web or check the video below. In it, we explain step by step how to set this up on your PC or laptop and then use it.

Do you use WhatsApp a lot on the PC and do you see something in this calling function? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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