Cabinet: ‘Hopefully primary schools will open again on 25 January’

Research is currently being conducted into the outbreak of the British, highly contagious variant of the corona virus at a school in Bergschenhoek (South Holland). If it turns out that this mutation does not pose a great danger to children, the cabinet aims to reopen all primary schools and childcare centers on 25 January.

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The PO Council stands up for the interests of primary schools and is positive about the news: ‘If it can be done safely and responsibly, we love it. Employees must feel safe. We don’t want British conditions. ‘

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To test

Today it was also announced that all residents of the Lansingerland municipality, which includes Bergschenhoek, will receive a call to be tested. For example, further research is being conducted into the British variant of the virus. The appeal applies to all residents of two years and older, even if they have no corona-related complaints.


The rest of the corona measures are, according to insiders, very likely to be extended until February 9. Experts from the Outbreak Management Team would have strongly advised the government to do so because the number of infections is still very high. Last week, an average of 7,700 people a day were tested positive.

Tomorrow evening there will be a new press conference by Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge.

Source: AD & NOS

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