Buy a sandbox for the garden? You have to pay attention to this

Online you quickly get lost in the huge range of sandboxes. With these tips you know better what you are looking for and the choice is a lot easier.

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Big or small?

For children under three years old, a small sandbox is sufficient. Are they older or do they like to play with friends? Then a bigger tank wouldn’t hurt. If you really want to unpack, you can also opt for a playground with a built-in sandbox.

Which material do you choose?

You have two choices: a wooden or plastic sandbox. A wooden sandbox is usually somewhat larger, can – with well-finished wood – always remain outside and often has an edge to sit on. Make sure that it is not too deep, because then the sand will remain wet and cold after a rain shower. Oh, and don’t forget the root cloth: this prevents pests, roots and weeds from getting through the soil. A plastic sandbox is easier to move, to keep clean and to fill with water if necessary.

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Where should the sandbox be?

You bought a sandbox: nice! But where do you put it? Preferably choose a spot that gets sun in the morning, but is in the shade in the afternoon. This prevents mold from forming in the sandbox, but also prevents your children from sitting in full sun for a long time. Of course, a parasol also helps.

What kind of sand do you use?

Good to know: you can’t just use any kind of sand in a sandbox. Play sand is a lot firmer and therefore perfect for building cakes and castles.

With or without lid?

A lid is indispensable to prevent your sandbox from being full of vermin or pooping cats in no time. Plastic sandpits often have a lid, but for a wooden version you can use a tarpaulin. Make sure that the sand can occasionally air, because of mold.

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