Button cell phone with WhatsApp – perfect cell phones for children and more

Do you sometimes want a normal (Nokia) key phone with weeks of battery life, but you can’t do without WhatsApp? Then today is your lucky day! GIGA shows you the best Button cell phones with WhatsAppwhich is also ideal first Children’s cell phone suitable.

Button cell phones with WhatsApp: advantages of both worlds

For a long time there were smartphones and normal key cell phones (mostly called “feature phones” or disparagingly “dumb phones” in English-speaking countries). Smartphones are mini computers that can run millions of apps. Normal key cell phones can make calls and write SMS and have at most a calendar, alarm clock and radio app. At first glance, a normal Nokia key phone is inferior to a smartphone in every respect.

But there are several reasons why people still like to join in 2021 ordinary button phone want:

  • long battery life
  • robustness
  • cheap price
  • no location tracking
  • Writing feeling like before
  • first Cell phone for children (less distraction)
  • as mental relaxation (“digital detoxing”)

We see a long series of advantages, which are, however, to some extent canceled out by a huge disadvantage. No matter how few apps you use, most people can access it Whatsapp do not waive. The popular messenger has long been a reason why normal button cell phones were ideally suited as emergency phones. That time is over. There are now several Key cell phoneswho have mastered 4G and some apps – including Whatsapp. A Linux derivative is usually used as the operating system (the most popular is KaiOS). And old friends like Nokia or Alcatel are right at the front.

Nokia 8000 4G

The Nokia 8000 4G looks like a classic mobile phone from the 90s and early 0s and exudes a nostalgic charm. But it has some great tricks up its sleeve. In addition to WhatsApp, you can use Facebook and YouTube. My favorite function is the ability to use your key phone as a 4G hotspot to use. The Nokia 8000 4G can also do dual sim, so you can combine the cheapest data and telephone tariffs.

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Alcatel 3088

The Alcatel 3088 is also a classic mobile phone with 4G and WhatsApp. On the positive side, the large buttons make typing easy. The KaiStore is pre-installed, which means that additional programs, such as a weather app, can be easily installed.

Nokia 2720 4G clamshell phone

The Nokia 2720 4G is a clamshell phone and thus has some advantages over the bar-sized cell phones. When closed, the buttons and screen are well protected. It also fits in every breast pocket. Also handy is the second screen on the front, which shows the time and missed messages. KaiOS is also used as the operating system on the Nokia 2720, so WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube are preinstalled and ready to use.

Nokia 8110 4G

We come to a real classic and design icon from Nokia. In early 2018, the Finns brought back the iconic “banana cell phone”, Nokia 8110, in a new edition. Then as now it owes its name to its curvy shape and yellow color. Today it offers functions such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube through KaiOS.

I bought the Nokia 8110 myself a year and a half ago when my daughter started third grade. For me it has proven in everyday practice that this hybrid form of cell phone is perfect as a Cell phone for children suitable is. Even if my daughter doesn’t feel like typing WhatsApp messages on the button phone, she can also quickly and easily use the messenger Voice message send.

Nokia 800 Tough

The Nokia 800 Tough is the ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. WhatsApp is also available here thanks to KaiOS. In addition, the Nokia 800 Tough has a very durable cover. This makes them water, dirt and fall resistant. It has a 2-megapixel camera that can be used for daytime shots, an extra powerful flashlight and loudspeaker and a stylish camouflage look.

Telephone tariffs for children and adults who want to “whatsapp” cheaply

When I bought the Nokia 8110 4G for my daughter, I wanted a tariff that was as low-maintenance as possible. Since WhatsApp is the most important function for them, the WhatsApp Sim on. For little money there are 4,000 minutes of calls / SMS or megabytes of data volume. The highlight: Once all the credit has been used, unlimited WhatsApp messages are still possible. In an emergency, my daughter can reach me even if there is no more money on the SIM card.

There is also an alternative SIM card that is completely free. With the Netzclub-Sim you get 200 MB high-speed data volume (max 21.6 Mbit) per month. To do this, you allow the provider to send you up to 30 advertising SMS per month. So it is a data tariff subsidized by advertising. Because of this, I would rather for him Adults recommend.

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