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Buienradar update brings improvements for widget: choose a location yourself

An update for the Buienradar app is available in the Google Play Store. With the latest version, a small but useful improvement is made to the widget.

Rain radar with improvements widget

Buienradar’s Android app is getting a new update. The new version of the application is an improvement for the widget. Previously it was only possible to show the widget the current location. Now there will be a setting option in the app, with which you can adjust your preferences.

After the update it is possible to choose which location is shown in the widget. You can do this in the Buienradar app, where you choose ‘settings’ at the bottom. Then choose the penultimate option; ‘preferred location widget’. Here you will see a list of favorite places. There you can choose your own place, or opt for automatic location.

Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the location per widget. A tip though; you can always adjust the location, save it and then place the widget. Then you can see the rainfall graph of several places. The update for the Buienradar app will now be rolled out via the Google Play Store. Are you curious about which weather app is the most accurate? This year, for the seventh time, DroidApp has conducted extensive research into the best weather app of 2020 for six months.

Rain radar - weather
Rain radar - weather

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