Brutal masterpiece runs on TV on Sunday

Director Tony Kaye tackles very daring subjects in this debut film. You can find out in this article whether he really succeeded in doing so.

The TV station RTL 2 will play on Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 10:30 p.m with “American History X‘ a very polarizing drama from 1998. It is Tony Kaye’s film debut. But can the film, which deals with difficult topics such as racism, convince despite the star cast? You can find out from us whether switching on is worthwhile.

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What happens in the drama “American History X”?

The charismatic neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is almost a star in the local neo-Nazi scene and the big role model for his little brother Danny (Edward Furlong). Deep in the scene and proud of his obvious Nazi tattoos, Derek has dedicated his life to skinheads. When he is charged and convicted for the murder of two people one day, his life suddenly turns upside down. In prison, are you allowed to have an obvious enemy as a friend, get on well with them and laugh at their jokes? An inner conflict breaks out and the once so convinced Nazi reconsiders his own values.

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Is American History X worth seeing?

The film “American History X” is not easy fare, but it is one of the absolute masterpieces in film history. Hollywood star Edward Norton plays the neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard very convincingly and director Tony Kaye has hit the bull’s eye with his film debut. Norton was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for a reason. Our clear viewing recommendation is confirmed by an audience score of 96% Rotten Tomatoes only strengthened further. switches on Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 10:30 p.m. on RTL 2 and see a drama that has managed to portray difficult topics in an impressive way. However, be aware that the 1998 drama features themes ranging from racism, deep hatred and violence to rape, which can be very disturbing.

If you are now wondering if the film is based on a true story, we can offer you a yes. The plot finds a loose inspiration in the history of the former Neo-Nazi Frank Meeink. After spending time in prison, he radically changed his life, left the neo-Nazi scene and has been bringing a life free of violence and hatred closer since he was growing up. That’s why he founded the organization Harmony Through Hockey and attended many schools.

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