Browse the internet safely on your iPhone and iPad with Norton 360 Deluxe (ADV)

Apple does a lot to protect your privacy. Nevertheless, websites and governments can keep an eye on your surfing behavior. Is there a way to surf the internet more securely? And how do you do that? We explain it in this article.

Safer internet browsing

When you’re browsing the web, your iPhone and iPad use a unique IP address. Many ad platforms use this address to track you so that the ads are better tailored to you. In some countries, the authorities even monitor your internet behavior in this way.

Fortunately, there is a way to surf the web more safely and anonymously with your iPhone or iPad. You do this by using a VPN app. It sends your data traffic via an encrypted connection to an external server, which connects you to the internet. This way you remain anonymous on the internet – whatever you do online.

For example, Norton is one such VPN provider and the company offers an interesting Norton 360 Deluxepackage, which is heavily discounted this Black Friday week. With this you not only have a good VPN, but your iPhone and iPad are well protected in several ways. You also get a password manager, cloud storage, parental controls and more.

Norton 360 Deluxe: 10 layers of protection

With the Norton 360 Deluxe, you benefit from multiple layers of protection in one solution. We highlight five.

1. Norton Secure VPN

You can surf more securely and anonymously with a VPN. This way you keep your passwords, bank account information and credit card safe – even if you use public Wi-Fi with your iPhone or iPad. You also go more anonymously on the internet, because with the VPN your devices are protected against advertisers and other companies that try to track you online.

2. Parental Controls

Want to manage your kids’ online activities? The Norton 360 package has parental control features that help keep your kids safe online. This way they discover the online world a lot safer.

3. Password Manager

Just about every website and service requires an account these days. You need unique and complex passwords to properly secure those accounts, and it is impossible to remember all those passwords. Norton’s password manager allows you to use complex passwords without having to remember them. The service also stores them securely and encrypted in a digital vault.

4. 50 GB Cloud Storage

It is safe to store important files and documents in two different locations: locally and in the cloud. That way you won’t lose the files if the disk is defective, or if your iPhone or iPad is stolen. Norton 36 Deluxe includes 50 GB of cloud storage; enough space to keep your important files safe.

5. Dark Web Monitoring

On the dark web cyber criminals sell stolen data, which they obtained, for example, after a data breach. Norton regularly searches these types of places for your information, such as your email address. If information about you is found on the dark web, you will receive a notification and you can anticipate it.

Norton VPN now with a 57% Black Friday discount for a limited time

Norton also participates in the price circus called Black Friday. If you take out a subscription to the Norton 360 Deluxe package, you pay 39.99 euros instead of 94.99 euros. In the second year you pay 94.99 euros. This protects up to five devices, such as your iPhone, iPad and Mac. The discount is valid until November 30, so be quick!

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