‘Breaking news’ from now on via Google with this new function

At least, that is the company’s ambition. Google would like you to read “breaking news” through their new feature.

We all want to be informed very quickly of all kinds of developments. We often do this via Twitter. Here you can read the latest (news) messages in real time. But Google is going to change that with the new feature called Big Moments.

Google breaking news

The very latest news. So you have to go to Google for that, according to the company. We already know Google News and it is a good platform to read news that you have missed. Or to read articles on various topics. Big Moments is going to supplement this with the very latest hot news.

According to a report from The Information, a team within the company has been trying to develop features to draw you to Google during critical events. It noted that the Big Moments feature is intended to highlight breaking news and provide additional context when looking for information about an event.

Top Stories

Currently, you can see top stories on a topic along with some tweets on Google Search. In the future, the company wants to display more critical and verified information, such as the number of deaths in a natural disaster.

The information report states that Google wants to be a neutral voice when showing the latest news. The team working on these features has thought about questions such as when to classify a shooting as a terrorist attack.

The company tested some of these features during the Kabul attacks that took place in August. It started by displaying information snippets from Wikipedia, the size and number of injured. Whether users are really waiting for this while we are already inundated with news feeds, that is the question. But knowing Google, they come up with a good alternative.

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