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Brawl Stars is the next top game from Clash Royale-makers

If the creator of Clash Royale places a new game in the Play Store, then we pay attention. In our Brawl Stars review you can read whether this game is worth it.


Brawl Stars review: hard to explain

With Clash Royale, gamemaker Supercell has left its mark on smartphone gamers forever. The game is not only very nice, but also incredibly popular. Now the studio hopes to repeat this trick with a new game: Brawl Stars.

Unlike Clash Royale, you are forced to cooperate with other players in this game. And where in Clash Royal you can see more from above, you step into the playing field with your character in Brawl Stars. There you walk around with your left finger, while you use the right side of the screen to shoot at your opponents.

What should you do in Brawl Stars?

The basic mode in Brawl Stars is ‘Gem Grab’, or Gemstone Grain. In this mode, two teams of three players face each other. The first team to collect ten gems from the middle of the card has won. You can use a lot of tactics here. For example, it is possible to hide in the grass and you can take away gems by shooting the opponent down.

In the other modes of play the focus is more on shooting each other. There is a fun battle royale mode in which you play alone or with two men to stay the last. However, the focus in the other modes is also on teams of three against three. There is a mode where you shoot each other to collect stars, or you have to open the opponent’s safe.

The emphasis on teams has disadvantages

In Clash Royale only you are responsible for how well a game goes, in combination with how strong your men are of course. In Brawl Stars you depend on your team. If you play with players you do not know, it is not always good.

Some players only think of themselves and run forward to pop a bit. Others are just so careful that they hardly add anything. As a result, Brawl Stars can be a frustrating game. However, the jars are short, so if you are in a bad team, luckily it does not take long.

Supercell also helps you on your way by easily adding friends. You can form a team with people you know, or players you have recently played with. This makes the game a lot more fun, because you know what you have together.

But is Brawl Stars fun?

Yes, Brawl Stars is another great game from Supercell. Initially, the possibilities seem limited, because you can only play one mode with one character. However, if you continue to play, the game will soon open itself. Each character plays through their weapons really differently and the different modes are well worked out, so you have enough variety. Especially beautiful is how the pots can suddenly completely turn around, which keeps the tension in it.

The game is also perfectly made for smartphones, even for the smaller screen of an older device. The controls are simple, work well and the jars are nice and short. Above all, Brawl Stars is a game that is easy to understand, but with enough depth to learn new things after weeks. That makes Brawl Stars a game that is hard to explain.

What about in-app purchases?

If you are used to Clash Royale, you will also know what you can expect from Brawl Stars in terms of in-app purchases. The game gives you all sorts of ways to unlock new characters and upgrade existing characters. Just like with Clash Royale, you can also play well without spending money, but then it will take a little longer until you release new stuff.

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